Tuesday, May 18

What a girl wants!

You don't really have the TIME
for Something Significant.


Right after the ADC competition,me rushed *with THICK make up* to The Layla Walk In Closet for clothes photoshooting.Well,i look very weird in the photos because of the make ups and hair tied up :( Anyways,they do really provide efficient and good services running the boutique.The boutique located in Taipan USJ.Anyone of you,as long u are a female.You could seek and ask to have a photoshoot for their monthly collection.Check out their blogshop and add them up in facebook perhaps? ;) you might stand a chance to have a great photoshoots.I UPLOADED two shots here and the rest u could find it in the blogshop.Click the link and visit their boutique if you are free because they are having SALES.

Layla - The Walk In Closet

has chubby cheek =(

Just started sem 2 like a week and the assignments really 0.0 sighs,banyak lerrh plus this sem is kind of sucks.Some lecturers really made us felt super bored and annoyed.Whole ID1001-1 was like $#%&$! HAHASS.
I am satisfied and happy with my previous sem results.
I saw old friends who just enrol into my college,they still looked the SAME ;P

I had posted twice about Freshlook Illuminate,Well,if you did read before one of my very very very old post which is last year about the Freshkon Big and Bold Dark Lens.I does look almost the same,but i think Freshlook one has a more natural look on it's black and Freshkon one super black and the DARK CIRCLE LENS only looks nice with make ups.They gave 3 pairs trial with VOUCHER 30% OFF on second box when you purchase at the optical shop.

This is how it enlarge your lens.It does look natural without make up =)

My former school friend who is Husaini.He has the talent to be a photographer.He had took some shots for me and for my blogshop items.These are the SNEAK PREVIEW.Thanks to him for giving me a chance to try out on the skills for photoshoots.

What's Your Flavor?

will be updated very soon *hint:tomorrow*

There is more items coming up next !
hint : Biker Leather Jacket,Vintage Bag,Dress,Knitted Jacket and more.
Do support my blogshop more :)Tee-hee!
Another Sneak Preview Of The Photoshoots.



Am reselling my high heels which i brought form a Taiwan Pre-order not long ago.Size Vincci 6/38 Selling is RM59 only! The reason i sell it because i found out that i bought too many heels .Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.


There's a girl,

There's a story,

She tried very HARD to fit into the story.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand-Mother Theresa

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