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9th May 2010 ADC Amateur League Open Dance Championships 2010

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Just started my Semester 2 yesterday,am quite satisfied with the timetable given but i missed the previous lecturer.Just knew the new one,fortunately they are friendly :) i can said that my three weeks holidays were my hectic holidays because i was participated into latin competition in Penang and Shah Alam.

Penang one i was having the partnership with a guy named Choon Wei,we took part in the Beginners but we only managed to the semifinals.Well,the first time for is already good enough ;D

Then,9th May i joined the ADC Amateur League Open Dance Championship at Shah Alam.For this time,i had took part in the Ladies Event Open with Jo-ann :)

Pictures at Penang
with Tamiko.
She won Ladies Event in Penang with Rachel Gan ,our danceworld Champion
Congratulations =D


Reanne, me , shu er


Before that,do you remember i post about the Free 3-Days Trial Lens?I've received it,the results of using these lens are awesome.It really makes your eyes bolder and brighter :)

Pictures at Shah Alam

with Karen and Cindy.

with Hollie

Ladies Event Competitiors from William & Luisa Danceworld

These are the Partnership

Hollie with Reanne,Me with Jo-ann,Karen with Cindy,Tamiko with Rachel

Kelvin Ong,the great dancer

Max , Me , Claudia*behind* and Thomas

Aevent Koh another great dancer :)

Karen,she did part of my make ups.She is a ballet teacher too =)

With Cing Cing and Onn Re

Dianne Teoh,i borrowed the costume from her :)

Super Thick Make Ups




Me and my partner Jo-ann,we just practice for a week and we achieved 1st runner up =)

All the ladies event winners from Danceworld

1st runner up (me with jo-ann)

2nd runner up ( Tamiko and rachel)

5th placing (Reanne with Hollie)

*we wend through Quarter Final,Semi Final and Final.Well done girls!

Huanting :)
Shots of my thick make ups ;D

It took me 25mins to remove them Hahas.

Then went for photoshoots at Layla The Walk In Closet with the thick Make-ups

Stay tuned babe!

Click Here To Youtube for My Cha Cha Cha

* could see some [clash] to competitors of number 055 err?
♥ Hearts // audreypuiyan

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