Wednesday, March 9

Few hours at Bukit Tinggi

On the last Saturday,i think it's still in the month of February *lol* .In the afternoon,baby called up and asked me wanna go to Bukit Tinggi with few friends.I was sleeping actually :P so i just say," Okayylahhh " .Get ready and we drove there.SO SO SO unlucky! The Japanese Tea House was CLOSED for maintainence.It's been few years i didn't visit there already *&^%$#@! opps =D

So,we just walk around the Holand like buildings and tower.Take pictures and there isn't anything for us to do actually.Just stand there and CHILL.

Beautiful Buildings (:
Me and with baby .
The Golf place.
Jeff the photographer.

Us,in group picture.
Look at all the BORING faces LOL!

We had our dinner buffet there and the food is *thumbs down* except for the dessert :D puddings and cakes muahahaa !! I LIKEYY 

yeay, am finally so CALLED back to blog.
Sorry for the dead blog for the past few days,the mid-term in my college is still GOING ON :( i just done my autocad ,gotta get to the printing now.GRRR!

Have you guys listen to this awesome song? Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love ♥ ♥ ♥

stay tuned for my jakarta latin competiiton post :D

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