Friday, March 18

Day 2 // (Competition) 3/3/2011

Finally , my antique lappie is working.LOL,something wrong with the screen - it can easily just *POOF black out like that! Sighs,need to save money to get something better already :( Btw,i'll continue with my Jakarta Competition second day post.Sorry , college having lots of assignments,my baby sprained his ankle and need to take care of him,my studio having a buffet & dance party this coming sunday.Plus my gf birthday celebration :P Oh! I'm so exhausted and since suddenly or MAGICALLY -.- my lappie can work now,take the opportunity to BLOG :P

When i woke up in the early morning,their timing is like one hour earlier than Malaysia .So i woke up at like 6 smth and the sky is already so bright.Get prepared to walk to opposite for the competition venue :)

The view from my room =D
and the Traffic Jam begins....LOL!

As usual,my make up :P
Stephen & Dianne dancing ballroom :)
Esther,so pretty in her new pink costume
She's so fair right?
Uhhmm,idk why Dianne so cute over here lol!

look at those faces!
LMAO right?!
Exactly.... This is what happened when they saw TOP PROFESSIONAL LATIN DANCER
are in JAKARTA! 
The girls.
I had gained weight :'( sighs!
And what's more?
Picture with the Latin Stars!!

Yulia!! :PP
I love this couple :)

My monkey partner, LOL!

with Gary .
Then,our lunch :)
we walked down to a restaurant!
Black Pepper Chicken :D
Fried Eel * thumbs up*
Fried Chicken with salted egg :)
* satisfied *
Lastly,we are the paparazzi :P

My eyebags : dead zombie!
What's on my playlist now?
since i need lots of songs to listen because i'm way to stressed with so many things!

Toodle !! :D my eye couldn't open anymore =)

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