Tuesday, December 20

One day @ Melacca

My blog was on HIATUS for 2 weeks :( 
 is because of my crappy internet in my home isn't working and i need to update my blog at places with Wifi then I just back from Singapore,so yeah more blog posts is coming up soon :)

But nevermind,let's back to the main.
Me and my boyfiee decided to to Melacca for one day trip,yeap! Semester break,everyone is still planning where to go and what to do for the day hahas.
 on the way,lucky us that day weather itself is very calm and nice.

 Stop by at Melacca Chicken Rice Ball Shop for lunchiee.
 Shopping at Pahlawan .

Holla! loves from USS !
brought goodies from Sg :) Sales over there is *woah*

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