Friday, December 30

Day 1 - Singapore 14/11/11

New year eve is tomorrow,hmmm thinking what to do and where to celebrate ! * winks *
I'm gonna blog about my trip to Singapore , I know it's kinda late to post about it because I were busy and college is starting soon :)

Me and my family starts the journey at 8.30am in the morning . Daddy drove us there :)
Reached Singapore at around 12.00pm plus.We stayed at Costa Sand Resort located in Sentosa,Singapore. 
 We travel from places to places around Sentosa with the Sentosa Express.
Sentosa Express able to bring you to Waterfront Station,VivoCity,Beach Station and Imbiah Station.
Different station has different excitement for tourists :)

Waterfront station has Universal Studio and Resort World,meanwhile beach station is back to our hotel which is along the beach and Vivocity is for shopping.
Songs of the sea,i remember that I went here when I was only at the age of 4 if I'm not mistaken.
Beautiful songs with dancing water .
 In Sentosa Express heading to Waterfront to have a walk at Resort World and Universal Studio's entrance.
 I managed to get one USS Tee :) in white!

 Hershey's World.

 Goodies and Plushies.
They were having Xmas sales so I bought lots of Chocolate ;D

 USS Gift Shop.

 Betty Boop.

 Heavy rain in the afternoon, we couldn't get to the Sentosa Express :(
So we visited the Maritime Experiential Musuem & Aquarium.

 Passpot check-ins to different states and country with " Laksamana Cheng Ho "
rmb him? :)

 Garrett Popcorn.
I love their Almond and Macadamia ! 

 Mom and Sisters 
 Food Republe @ VivoCity .

 My Lunch :)

Day 2 @ USS 

Tweeeterrsss - Today 

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