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Sold.My Grand Launch in Gecko Gastro Bar 29.2.2012

Have you guys heard about SOLD.MY ?
An exciting website that I explore it EVERYDAY although i have lots of assignments .. Let me tell you guys why ? =) is an exciting, innovative and reliable auction website offering new products at great bargains! As the premier lifestyle site, you will find the hottest tech gadgets, hotel stays, travel deals and female must-haves to compliment your daily living. 

and SOLD.MY will enable you to experience a new and different atmosphere of online shopping :)
before I introduce more about SOLD.MY to you guys , I've wanna blog about their Grand Launch in Gecko Gastro Bar

It was on Wednesday (29th/2). There is a grand launch of Sold.My in Gecko Gastro Bar fitting in 50-60 attendees of bloggers and media. It was a grand launch whereby I witnessed a ‘Live Biding’ auction. It is a very interesting day as I learned more about biding.Well, my baby boy did participate in the Live Bidding but did not win the bid,he got outbid :( for an Iphone 4s that sold for RM0.60 only!! More pictures below about it , tee-hee. Plus, we had good buffet and for sure, we experienced the experience of live biding as well :)

when reaches Gecko Gastro Bar.
the warm and chilling interior of the bar.
Bloggers and media all take place and wait for the Grand Launch.
I've got one of the cute goodie bag given by SOLD.MY *inclusive of special made SOLD.MY sticky candy*
Mei Sze is introducing and explaining about Sold.MY
The co-founder of Sold.My is telling us more and more tips how to bid in Sold.My

The bidders are excited about winning the live bidding auction of Iphone 4S! 
The lucky bidder won the Iphone 4S at only RM0.60 !!

Buffet is prepared for everyone in the Grand Launch,love the Peach Pudding :D
Group Shot with Advertlets bloggers .
We bloggers and media is so lucky that we taking part in the special online auction only happening on that day itself on a special media website at 9pm.
Apple's product , gadget and cool stuff that you dream for now could make your dream come true to have them at VERY LOW PRICES that are available at SOLD.MY

Why do I trust SOLD.MY?
Myself and my boyfriend eventually is an user and bidder of Sold.My before we attend the Grand Launch.Firstly, we were thought " Where to get such good deals? HDD sold less at than RM1? Digital Camera sold at less than RM100? Prada Wallet sold at less than RM80?
Why not we try our luck? We might be one of the lucky bidder.
We Sign Up and bought tokens.So here's a some of the user guides about Sold.My

All auctions start at RM0.00 and all products are brand new & are shipped directly from the relevant suppliers. Each time someone enters a bid, the current price increases by  either by 1sen,5sen or15 sen depending of the type of the auctions that I'll explain it later on and the time remaining increases by up to 20 seconds.
When the timer reaches 0, the last successful bidder wins the right to buy the product at the final auction price (usually at 60-98% OFF the retail price).
“Tokens” are required to bid on the auctions. Each Token costs RM1.50 and can be purchased from My Page.
Registration is fast, simple and free. No credit card information is required. Sold.My will give you 10 free Tokens with your first purchase of any of our Token packs.

At, each bid uses one Token (RM1.50 each) and all bid prices start from zero with fixed bid price increments. This way, we are able to keep the final bid prices extremely low. Both auction types have timer elements; the only difference is that at, the timer extends by up to 20 seconds whenever a bid is placed. 

In traditional online auctions, you do not have to pay to place a bid and the bid price is 100% determined by you. 

It looks complicated as I explained, but the procedure is very simple and fast.
P/S : Just need a quick experience of looking at how others bidders bid before you start to bid.

Here's for the Beginner Bidder :)

There are few types of auction to be bid.
There are Free Auction , Beginner's Auction , 1 cent Auction , 5 cent Auction Blind Auction,Manual Auction and the Normal Auction.

So,what's I feel about bidding online is that it sometimes depend on your strategic , experience , luck , tokens left and make sure your internet connection is at the stable stage so it won't lag and missed our your bidding duration.

Me and my boyfriend are so lucky .


Do you guys remember about one of my post talking about the Fujifilm Instax Camera that I've bought.
Yeap,we were so lucky to win 3 of this Instax Camera we've won the bid from SOLD.MY less than RM100 each.
It's more than 60% discount off from the retail prices *HAPPY*
I could save more money now :)

As I mentioned , we bloggers and media get to participate and bid in the special media online auction.
GUESS WHAT? I'm so excited that I'm so lucky again to win one of the items hehe.

Camera Digital IXUS 230 HS for RM8.85 only! =DD

So guys, I've mention about the guides and tips! Now, its your turn to win the ITEMS!
Happy Bidding at 

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