Tuesday, April 17

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2012 @ MAEPS

Me is back from HIATUS! 
i'm done with this semester :) feels so relieve and excited but i'm still worrying about me result :(
Finally I settle my stuff and back to my blogging world ! ^^
I went to the recent happening party of the year which is Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge @ MAEPS. I actually took part in the Facebook Contest and so lucky to win the grand prize with another friend name Jason Chew Jifatt =) We've won 10 Exclusive Passes to the event , 5 Hotel Suites in IOI Palm Garden , limousine ride to the event and also a reserved table lounge . Of course i tag my friends along to enjoy the party! Teehee! *supersmileeee*

 preview of Full Experience in Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Lounge 2012
* me appears few mins in the video - looking very SHY *

The view from my room :)
Checked in and rest, few hours before the event starts,prepare and make up !
Dress on and ready for the event .
Bought this leopard print tube dress at GUESS.
*meluvin-but had gained weight -_________________- *

The entrance of the event at MAEPS.
Group Picture :)
Jodee , Jason , Aaron , Baby and me , (my gf) elaine and bryan.
with Amanda babe.

I was actually shocked and surprise when the PR from JW event asked me and Jason Chew to go up on stage to meet with Jenson Button . 
No preparation and was very shy to go up on stage.

Looking at my nervous face , just smile up on the stage.
Jenson signs on his replica 1:2 scale helmet :D
with love 
nice picture taken on that night but I have no idea why baby and Zoey looking at another angle LOL!
Pretty girl , Yiching
My gf 

random shot with my sister during me rushing assignments.

so much blog post to write soon , keep reading babes.
Holiday mood in on , shopping and "lepak" time basically HEHE!

playlist of the day (Y)

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