Wednesday, May 23

Hong Kong Trip Part 1

A blog post that I've delayed for one month which is about my Hong Kong Trip , went there for 7 days including staying at Shenzhen ,China too to visit my relatives . I was so excited and looking forward to the trip because I've never been to Hong Kong before with my family .
Reached HK at around 5-6 pm in the evening , my relatives go to the airport and meet up with us and bring us to the hotel. 
We stay at Cheung Sha Wan. A place where sell wholesale and stuff like electronic products and etc.

First Dinner at HK :) Well, their dishes is like almost similiar to ours and additional style of cooking for the dish and also different name for the dish . I was kinda lost when I'm looking at the menu because I dont know how to read chinese . HAHA !

crispy little fish :)
Personally love their 7eleven store as they sell varieties of candies , ice-cream , drinks which comes in lots of flavours , cute packaging and also their magazine includes lots freebies like tote bag and cosmetics .

Well , there have this little cute stamp collection of Rilakkuma which is every HKD20 you will receive one stamp , collect all and paste into the small cards to redeem one small toys :) 

Mom , sister and relatives :)
Shopping is a must in every trip :P teehee therefore , I went to the H&M to get the sizing of the clothes I didn't have a chance in Singapore previously :(

Mong Kok Street for Shopping ! :)

Ice-cream mini van 
Hong Kong is also famous for their delicious dessert =D

Glutinuous Ball with Peanuts !
Black Sesame Ice =) me lovin it so much .. it's my ALL TIME FAVOURITE ^.^
served with Strawberries , Marshmallow and Banana 
like Goma Ice :P

Gonna continue my blogging with HK Trip Part 2 ! in the next post 

And Happy Belated 520 !  

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