Wednesday, May 2

Singapore Trip with love during March

When to Singapore again , but this time with baby boy . It was last month :) dont wanna nag so much about me getting up my blog post late :/ tee-hee
As usual , we uses MRT to travel around the town. It is so convenient and fast :D 

First meal of the day .

Love the dessert cup cupcakes and chocolate . They served varieties of sweet stuff . What I love the most is the cupcake deco . 

You'll just fall in love with the next photo :)

White chocolate bunny for Easter day . 
It's so adorable with it's tiny little pink eye. 
Have you tried ? :)
The road and the building 
* heart melts *
so beautiful .

Their TUTU KUEH , all the way back to Tangs Plaza just to get this because I rmb I had this during the last December trip . It comes with peanut and coconut fillings . 
Along the Orchard Road , near Ion Orchard , they have pop up store for few lovely shop.
The Diva , Miss Selfridge and Topshop too !

" Mountain people mountain sea " at the Topshop pop up store , just queue to get the Topshop exclusive printed recycle tote bag after purchase a minimum of amount in Topshop.
The last trip , I didn't had the chance to go to H&M .
This time I went twice ^^ , packed with people , especially the fitting room. Garghh , just take the right size because don't wanna queue :( 

believe to see.
It's affordable and yeap you can even spend 200 SGD for 7-8 apparels? Awesome! 
3 levels as you could see from the column :)
Lvl 1 - Ladies
Lvl 2 - Ladies
Lvl 3 - Men & Kids
* understandable and acceptable with the two levels for ladies :P *
for MEN .
Fashion never sleeps , so neither do we :)

The ice cream only cost 1 SGD along the pathway at Orchard Road.
Comes in lots of flavours .
I love the MINT !

Dessert time; me love Black Sesame Soup.

and Baby Boy's mango sago delight.


at Vivo City.
while bored ,
camwhore with NAKED FACE !
I KNOW ; the eyebags.

Bugis Street is a place that ; MUST TO VISIT
with one condition :)
Stuff are pretty cheap and can be haggle :)

once again , believe me with this.
Shopping is love :) Right? =)

What's NEXT?
hint is in the picture :)
Stay tuned ; XOXO 

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