Wednesday, March 13

Gangnam X Harlem Shake ( audreypuiyan's Version )

I'm suppose to post about the Gangnam Style Earlier thou but I did not , nevermind since it is time for Harlem Shake right ?

Last Year , the very famous OPPA GANGNAM STYLE going viral ! My friends decided to ask me to join with them and have fun with the parody . So I did ;)  Well , I have two of the videos of it !

# 1 Limpeh Kina Sai ( OPPA GANGNAM STYLE ) Asian Parody by MUMU NGUI

 We went around Kuala Lumpur and had the most fun of all in this Parody ! =)

Enjoy & Share to Ya'll friends !
I think you had seen me in this video?

# 2 That Gangnam song , again ?! by Dan Khoo Productions

This is how we think of Gangnam Style song , everywhere you go , the GANGNAM SONG will be by yourside

I alost laugh die watching this , because I couldn't really act serious in this video !

So what's about HARLEM SHAKE?

# 1 The Harlem Shake ( Best in Kuala Lumpur ) by Dan Khoo Productions
Guess who's me? 
LOVIN' the natural reaction by the passby-ers ;D

#2 Harlem Shake Malaysia ( iDarts X Advertlets ) by Bryan Lim TV

We have Kangaroos , Star Wars , Random Cheongsam girl with mickey hand ( ME OBVIOUSLY ) Divers , Girl killing Teddy ... Well , fun enough!! ;)

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