Monday, March 4


Hello Lovelies ! I feel so bad , because I've not been blogging for like ages   MONTHS ! * cries * I miss blogging , there is so much for me to share with you guys but I was busy for my Internship programme and now finally I have my own time back ! YAY =D

So much I wanna share which is :
1. My Chinese New Year 2013
2. My Gangnam Style & Harlem Shake that never shared on my blog before :X
3. Shopping Haul ( Get your outfit in between RM100 ! )
4. My new online shopping 
5. Nails tutorials *New
6. Hair tutorials *New
7. Simply Make Up Tutorial *New - If I successfully did one facing the camera :(

I did my very first attempt FishTail braids :D

This is the Harlem Shake I was mentioning about , RAWR !

Something different and new to share with my fellow readers since I've not been having much time to spend on blogging for the past few months !

Be here for me again dear readers and I will get back to my blog asap!

Currently I'm so hyper with LINE Play & Candy Crush Saga ! If you know the HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAME ;D

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