Thursday, April 25

Puma Social Evolution of Suede Party @ Capsquare KL

I joined the Puma Suede Design Competition , it took me two days to finish the artwork . Well I didn't know what I was so lucky that I was chosen to be in the TOP 30 ! Well , this is how is it . Each contestant can only enter THREE shoes design on photoshop/illustration in order to be in the top 30 . So , I managed to send in two entries and happily that one of my design got chosen .
First design :
I have an idea on having colourful shoe with just simple colour block design with brilliant and neon colours . A very bright colour can make the shoe glows !

Second design :
This require more works , I wanna have patterns on the shoe which is repeatedly and also simple at the same time . Therefore , I used AI and create a new shape of patterns with repetition and I called it the New Edge!

Lucky me , my New Edge got chosen  ! 
When entered the Top 30 , we are given a pair of Red Puma Suede and need to design it on the shoe with our chosen design ! My shoe design was showcased at the Puma Social Party held at Capsquare KL.

Below are some of the images taken from : Adrian , Xiang Cool & Amanda Liu
With the bloggers :)
 Posing posing with my dear Amanda , we are up for streetwear for the night!

 With Felix  

 Group photo :)
 with Ewin Ee
 My outfit of the night !

TOP ( Sweater from Notty X Naise )
BOTTOM ( Highwaisted Shorts from Sg Wang ) 
ACCESSORIES  ( Cap from Pestle & Mortar , Gold Spike Bangle from Sg Wang ) 
SHOE ( From Pull & Bear ) 

My shoe design was showcase at the party , photo taken by Briang_Man

I painted the bottom of the shoe as well , Basically I painted the whole shoe using Arcylic & Fabric Paints
Before & After

Thank You Everyone For Your Support ! =) I'm very happy to join this contest .

( Peace )

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