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WeChat - The New Way To Connect ( WeChat Party 2013 @ Neverland , Kuala Lumpur )

I guess most of you has already know what WeChat is right ? For your information , WeChat is a new and fun application where you can chat & share your content to your friends . Today , in our daily life , whatever we do or wherever we are , we would love to share with our beloved friends & family . And , WeChat provides the multimedia communication flexibility and convenience with text messaging , hold-to-talk messaging , broadcast ( one-to-many ) messaging , photo/video sharing , location sharing and contact information exchange as well .

We now use smartphones and also the latest gadgets , therefore WeChat is available to download for Android , Iphone , Blackberry , Windows Phone and Symbian platform . Start downloading the WeChat now and invite your friends & family ! 

Furthermore , WeChat has the language support , so no worries my friends . Languages supported include traditional/simplified Chinese, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Russian. WeChat is supported on Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G data networks.

For us who loves to snap photos , photos can be taken and embellished with artistic filters, captioned and put into a personal photo journal, and distributed to friends.  

Let's discover the WeChat features !

1. Video Call 
Allow to talk to your friends face to face 

2. Moments
To share your photos / caption with all your WeChat friends 

3. Voice Chat
As simple as hold the button " hold to talk " and release to send after done talking 

4. Web WeChat

5. Emoticons

6. Group Chat
You are able to select the friends from your friend list and create a group and chat together 

7. Shake
This is a very special feature where when you shake your phone and you will be able to receive notification that other users shakes their phone too , and you can meet new friends from WeChat

8. Look Around
It ables you to search the WeChat users nearby you

8. Drift Bottle
You can send your message and "throw" it then wait for someone to pick up your bottle and receive your message 

9.Facebook Connect
You can log in to the Facebook Account and connect it with your WeChat 

It is not only pretty fun after i had explained most of the ability of a WeChat but it is SUPER AWESOME when you use the WeChat with your friends & family around !

On the 2nd April , I went to the WeChat Party with the other bloggers at Neverland Club , Kuala Lumpur . Let's see more of the pictures for the happening night !

Picture credit to : Jonathan Yip , Amanda Liu , Jen Lyy and Jaz Khai

with the Cute girl , Jen Lyy

 lovely babe ( Amanda Liu ) with her partner , Zac and my boy.
 The long time no see , Jason ong

The event started off with a welcome speech by Mr. Poshu Yeung the Vice President of Tencent International Business and followed by various live performance by Vivian Chua, Henley Hii and Awi Rafael. Besides that, there were few game session in between the performance.

Me and the rest bloggers , only me , Rosalyn and Daphne the only girls went up to the stage for Q and A sessions to win IPAD !

Congratulation to the winner of the iPad

our outfit of the night ( OOTN )

On that night at the party , we had captured ourselves with funny poses and also smiles with our friends at the available WeChat photobooth !

Daniel Wong with us

Epic group photo , while everyone hasn't ready yet but it was a nice picture ! I had fun on that night with all my friends .

Watch the video by Lisa Surihani & Shaheizy Sam on the feature of HOLD TO TALK.

I'M ON WeChat !
how about you?

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