Tuesday, June 4

Cefenere - Total Skin Make Over in Just 7 Days !

I want to share with everyone of you who are interested who know more about Cefenere that I , myself trying the products . Then , I would be personally recommend you which Cefenere skin products is suitable for which skin condition . I hardly share my skin condition and the products I've been using for myself to all of you . Let me share my experience :) Then you'll know why I choose Cefenere .

I used to be going for facial treatment like once a month due to minor acne problems because of the weather , dark circles , my T-zone is dry and easily to get oily and lastly the most problematic one is my white & blackheads problems . I'm sure that this is because of our country's climate , we tend to face these common skin problems . I rarely makeup because I often doesn't like the sticky feeling on my face after long hours wearing makeups and my face feels heavy ! That doesn't mean I will have a better skin , NO ! Because I know that I need to maintain my skin health as well .

* the picture is not edited at all , no makeups , no effect , purely taken in my room with my downlights only *

My skin wasn't that bad but I have not visit facial treatment and just basic skin cleanse everyday since the beginning of this month . Imbalanced skin colortone , very obvious from my dark circle . From picture i couldn't show you all much about my skin condition as you need to feel from my skin . It is basically oily as usual and dry ! I understand this is because of my skin being in the air-conditioned room then going out with bare face . 

 7 DAYS After Using Cefenere 
* the picture is not edited at all , no makeups , no effect , purely taken in my room with my downlights only *

Spot the difference . Better balanced color tone for my skin ! * weeeeee * I can say that my skin is not easily get oily and dry anymore . I have this funny thinking as I love the girl's face with red-dish after under hot sun . I didn't have that , in fact my skin become darker =___= but after using this products , surprisingly my skin turn red-dish when I'm under the hot sun . No kidding , look at the pictures below . Not pale at all =) 

p/s : the photos aren't edited at all .

1. This picture is taken with light make up , just with foundation , soft powder , drawn eyebrow and mascara . My skin does not feel unhealthy anymore !

2. Both of the pictures below are taken without makeup , 1st photo is taken indoor during my working moment in office . Staying long hours in dry and air-conditioned area will never make me worry anymore ! Still looking fresh and happy with it . For the 2nd photo , it is taken with natural lighting from the sunshine ! My skin looks like having foundation right ?but happy to know that it wasn't ! =)

Now and later , I will be having healthier skin !

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