Wednesday, October 2

DEFINE | Fashion x Music x Art x Etc

On 15th September , I was invited to DEFINE held at Terrace @ Hock Choon . DEFINE is Urban Recipe to F.A.M.E ( Fashion x Art x Music x Etc ) We chill with our friends and the rest of the bloggers , dress comfortably for the event as we are going to be a painter ! We are here for the Art Jamming as well get to social with the local artists too .

My sister from different parents , Aurea , a Graphic Designer

The local artist are making their mark & creativity on the van ! 

Cocktails by the guests for the guests . I've taste them all the personalized cocktails during the Art Jamming Party . My favorite was the first one on the left .

From left :
1. Ong Siew Mei - Tequila , Cointreau , Longan Syrup
2. Choo An Zee - Tequila , Cointreau , Jamaica Syrup
3.. Khor Hui Gee - Vodka , Lychee , Ginger , Pineapple
4. Teoh Wai Seong - Vodka , Lemongrass , Chilli 

YUMMMSS ! My personalized cocktails taste sour & sweet at the same time . It's just right for me =)

Reza Salleh & Liyana Fizi with their band group did awesome & chilling performances to us , They sang beautifully & I love the music played by them .

We got our personalized badges too ! I've got mine in cute little ballerina dancing happily

I painted part of it , the anchor right there ! =P We were given paints , brushes and get our creativity on the van .

We also participated in the photography contest.

I would say , I enjoy this event as it we can meet local artists as well as our other friends chilling and enjoying the cocktails , not to forget we get to paint the van !

For more details for their upcoming events visit :

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