Monday, November 25

It could be #SOMEBODYLIKEME - Share Your Story ! #teamD


Let me ask you few simple questions , will you be able to comment below & share your opinions to me and the rest of our friends . We share our story because we care & we want everyone learn the right to speak and respect each other in our today society !

Do you WORRY about unprotected SEX ?
 Do you think that being more sexually experienced is important in relationships?
 Do you worry about unplanned pregnancies?
 How old should kids be introduced to sex education in school?
What’s your favorite form of contraception ?

Share your stories through facebook , twitter , instagram or blog with #somebodylikeme 

People are afraid of the unknown. Fear breeds ignorance, which in turn breeds prejudice and indifference.How do brands break the cycle of fear and prejudice, especially against a fearsome enemy like the HIV virus?In an initiative to educate youths and stimulate curiousity and conversation among this age group about HIV, Durex Malaysia has teamed up with PT Foundation and AIESEC Malaysia to launch #SOMEBODYLIKEME – a month long social media awareness campaign aimed at encouraging and making conversations on the topic a norm

The campaign also aims to empower youths to take a stand towards an HIV/AIDS-free society.  Eight prominent social influencers including Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Niki Cheong, Reuben Kang, KlubbKidd KL aka Joe Lee, Audrey Pui Yan, Hanie Hidayah have volunteered their time and various social media properties to the cause.

We will serve as brand evangelists,  actively communicating with their followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Blogs on issues surrounding HIV and AIDS from November 15 to December 15 2013 via the hashtag #SOMEBODYLIKEME.
The objective of this campaign is to correct the wrongful presumption that HIV is irrelevant to youths in Malaysia and to highlight that the disease can affect anyone – including “somebody like me.”

I'm very lucky to be one of the influencers for Durex Malaysia for the #somebodylikeme campaign , me with the rest of the influencers . Therefore , follow our updates on the campaign to know more !

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of this campaign, they should have done it earlier :) But better than never :)

Audrey said...

Yesh Nicole :) Better now than never . I personally love the idea of this campaign too :)