Thursday, December 19

台北市 T A I P E I - Pt. 1

Hello , 2013 passes so fast just a glimpse , all the events and happenings has became memories now . It's been awhile I blog about my personal lifestyle , I had been hardcore attending raves parties , if I had the chance  I will share about the parties with you EDM lovers out there . Last month , I went to Taipei with my dearest boyfiee and the rest of my friends . I questioned myself , do I really need to train my chinese language to travel to Taipei ? * I'm a serious phailed BANANA * I couldn't read the language , but can speak a lil , not that bad :P 

I had fun at Taipei , after the whole year of working experience , delayed posts will be blogged about soon . Forgive for the late updates :*(  

I booked the flight from Air Asia quite late and nearby to my date of travel , so range about RM1200 with return air ticket. 
Our flight took about 4.5 hours .

Blurry pictures always turn out to be the one I LOVE , I just do not know why , le boyfiee cannot take it with my sillyness .

Le boyfiee booked a comfy room stay for us 3 couples to stay in , it is quite affordable if I'm not mistaken only RM300 per night with three queen size beds ! Own kitchen with mini bar , washing machine , refrigerator , shoe cabinets & a washroom . I personally recommend , it is located at Taipei Main Station MRT . So convenient we could just take the MRT and head to another places to travel in Taipei , the most exciting is that Xi Men Ding is just one stop next to Taipei Main Station , our room stay itself located at Q Square , which is a shopping mall , and the shop rows nearby our place .

The homestay has many theme of room like luxurious , modern and so on , click the link above and have a look at the rooms ! =)

The bed sheets if you're resting and sleeping at the second level.

Queen Size Bed with stairways to the next level
After putting down the luggages in the room and rest , we decided to go out for a walk . The sky is dark when it is 5PM ! The night is long and young at Taipei !! 

First thing when you travelled to other country is to visit their 7-Eleven , *jakun* because each country has different special items for sale ! I still remembered the last time I visited Hong Kong , they sell cute edition of toys , sweets and so on . While Taiwan's 7 Eleven has good deals on beauty & cosmetics items ! Yes , they have different brands and collections as well in the shop . LADIES HEAVEN ! 

Ximen Ding , shopping paradise first stop ! Six of us started to hunt for STREET WEARS & FOOD !
Their Hot Pot , quite a good deal , with the price of about RM12 you can enjoy the delicious own hot pot with your own favorite choices , free flow of drinks are included !

They are famous for internal organs for pork .

Personal love-shaped cotton candy !

You can never lose weight there because of their yummy and addictive desserts from the stall along the street side . The mochi is fully flavoured with peanuts !

There is a stall in XIMEN selling this special made mochi but it is GRILL MOCHI ! Taste it while it's HOT =)

At about RM20 , you can get a pair of shoe . CRAZY SHOPPING DEAL !

Mee Sua - Famous one in Ximen , everyone is lining up for it !

A friend of mine , became our tour guide because he was there for study .

These are yours !

We then head to SPARK TAIPEI 101 Club .

stay tuned for the next Taipei blog post ;