Monday, January 20

Neuzell Juvenescence - My Serum, Mask & Exfoliant

How are you doing my dear readers? Had you prepared for this coming festive season Chinese New Year? Got your new and pretty dress? Glittery heels and accessories? For me, I had got them done tee-hee! Anyway, I think this is my first time blogging about facial preparation for a new year, that doesn't mean massive changes like surgery and so on but we need to have refreshing and smooth skin to celebrate this marvelous year.

Let me introduce you a new serum that it is amazingly can be function as mask and exfoliant as well. 
Neuzell Juvenescence is a specially formulated anti-aging Skin Renewal Tri-Action Treatment that acts as a Serum, Mask and Exfoliant, This product contains Award-Winning Active Ingredients such as Telomerase and Swiss Alps Botanical Stem Cell that is able to protect DNA, restore skin stem cell’s functionality, increase Moisture, Reduce Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Scar and Brighten your skin complexion.

Best of all, it is 100% free of Parabens, SLES, Alcohol, Mineral Oils, Artificial Fragrance and Artificial Colors that work best for your skin at cellular level to unleash softer, firmer, smoother, luminous effects, leaving your skin 10 years younger. Neuzell product is dermatological and clinical tested effective.

There are three functions as I had mentioned earlier. Simple steps for a good facial complexion later on.

I had personally tried the serum and I had seen the result just in one day later ( p/s: results depending individual skin's condition ). I got my serum from HiShop. This serum can be applied to all skin types. One bottle of 5oml able to used for 3-4months and it is only selling at RM398.00. An affordable price of serum for three functions! What a deal ;D Moreover, the serum is delivered in superb condition and reliable!

I love how HiShop deliver the serum for me because it is a trustable & you can purchase many beauty deals items!

8 Youth Revitalizing Effects
1. Activate & Regenerate Skin Stem Cell
2. Protect Skin against UV
3. Brighten skin complexion
4. Restore & Repair Damage Cell
5. Extend Cell Lifespan
6. Create & Retain Moisture
7. Reduce Wrinkle, Pigmentation & Scars
8. Produce Collagen & Elastin

My personal experience with the serum,

Left ( Before usage of Serum ) , Right ( Usage of Serum after 2 days )

Before I use the Serum, my face is slightly oily & sticky due to the humid weather in our country. I also realize that my facial colour tone is pale and slightly uneven at the eye part, but it is solve in two days after I used the serum. I can personally feel the difference from my skin, can feel that my facial dead skin are slowly replacing with new skin texture. This makes my facial skin can breathe better. I love my new facial skin, and now I could happily make up and ready for the festive season! Do not missed out the good serum as you can apply as mask during watching movies or reading books at home :)

You can now purchase the serum here:

PRICE : RM398 

Happy Shopping dearies!


cindy said...

i love this too..can see result in two day! not bad but if use ask mask or exfloliator will finish vy fast!

Nick said...

serum is powerful! :D

Audrey said...

yes it does!! =D