Thursday, June 5

Nunfish,com | New online shopping sphere is in town!

Introducing the new online shopping website which is known as NUNFISH. Nunfish is an online boutique that I've been lately getting my outfits from, THREE simple reason why. Comfy, Trendy & Affordable! Their outfits are selective and detailed inventory of exciting and fashion forward pieces. Mainly inspired by both the exotic and contemporary style. Nunfish offers affordable prices while ensuring quality.

Left: Cassandra 
Right: Me wearing the colorful bodycon dress,it is casual yet can wear to party too! Just set with different hairstyle :)

GOODNEWS for opening promotion which is FREE SHIPPING for RM100 and above purchases. Now you do not have to worry about paying the delivery services.

Me, Olivia, Cassandra & Amanda in Black Dress
- Just a colour in black able to creates different styles & design for your outfits

Not only party & casual dress, but also with statement long tee where you can mix & match with your street style too. Nunfish has limited pieces of their outfits because they are mostly imported & special pick each month for every collection.

You can now get the measurement of your favourite pick at then choose your suitable piece to purchase. 

Look at how I mix & match their clothing, completely a different look with different style. You can wear the flare dress for casual day, girls night out or a simple dinner with your loved ones. While the bodycon dresses can wear to party night or friend's birthday party.

Nunfish will be having new summer collection soon, so stay tuned! Do not miss out the chances, I'm a shopaholic, I know where to get the great deals and of course would love to share with you girls as well ;)

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