Wednesday, June 4

$50 Million World Cup 2014 GIVEAWAY

This is unbelievable to me, we all know that the World Cuo 2014 at Brazil is starting real soon! And definitely you will be supporting ONE of the country as your favourite team.Then, I have a good news for you as you can now join FC Bodog World Cup 2014 Contest & win money prizes.

Follow simple steps below
1. Choose one of the country that you think they will be winning the World Cup 2014 at

2.  For the country, with the most number of votes at the end of the contest, BodogAsia will place a wager of RM65,000 on that country

3. If the most voted country wins the world cup, the prize money will be shared among all participants

4. Simplify this with an example: if Hounduras with winning odds of 2501 wins the world cup, a total of USD50 million will be given as prizes money  to all players

 Vote for your team now at :

GOODLUCK to your favorite team !

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