Thursday, July 10

Off The Rack.Asia | Create your own LOOK

I have found a blog sphere where can solve our FIRST WORLD PROBLEM! Yes I mean it for girls and guys too. A shopping site where you can mix and match your outfits for the looks and style that you are looking for to attend special events and occasions. Needless for me to explain more, start exploring after I explain the main ideas of this new concept way to shop! It does really save my time googling around looking for the best outfits or style for raves, red carpet events, blogger events and so on! The most importantly is that very efficient, save time & many choices!

There’s a new styling platform in town! Off The Rack Asia is a very easy-to-use online style boutique that 
allows members to mix and match pictures on its platform to create a very unique, stylish and artistic set with 
the option of buying what you create.
It is a lively community where creative and stylish minds get to share their style with others all around the world. It allows users to explore their own unique personal style. 

There are three key features on Off The Rack Asia, CREATE, EXPLORE and SHOP.

This community powered social commerce websites allow members select items and style them into a
shared ‘Set’ which allows members to then share, like and comment!

Here’s a quick how-to video on using the CREATE function.

Get the simple idea by watching the video above and that's SIMPLE! 

The best part is that you could even purchase the items you have selected in your created sets by clicking on the items. Off The Rack Asia changes the traditional online shopping model by giving everyone everywhere a part in shaping today’s trends and influencing purchases with its huge varieties of items to be selected from! 

You can also EXPLORE other ‘Sets’ created by the community:

Be it accessories, bags or beauty, these categories are all in the site easily for your to ease your browsing and create your IDEAL LOOK!

Clicking on a specific item will direct the user to its main website allowing them to make a purchase the item 
on the main website of said item.

Browse through items at the SHOP section:
With this, we can share our fashion story among all the fashionistas! Like, share or comment on these sets – have fun discussing the latest trends or fashions latest IT item. 

I, myself try to create my ideal looks as below! How fun is it :)

Nevertheless, as example below I insert my own look and find the products that matches to my similiar outfit as below, the greatest thing is that you can now purchase the items with your own budget too! Finally, Off The Rack Asia came to the best solution for us!

After creating your look, you can continue shopping for other items as an addition to your look like cosmetics ? :D

Start to SHOP and EXPLORE NOW!

Join me at and like, share or comment on my 

creations now!

Do not miss out this cool website, SAVE THE HASSLE and get your best look for your IDEAL STYLE!

Feel free to follow them for latest updates,

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