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GENOVASI- My First Design Thinking Course

Think creatively and out of the box to create a new design and innovation is what everybody doing right now. I am an Interior Designer and all I've learned in my major during my college time is just all about think creatively and solve the interior space. Without knowing Genovasi, I didn't know I had learned more here.

Beforehand, let me share infos about Genovasi

Genovasi's mission
Create future INNOVATORS
To be breakthrough thinkers and doers

To inspire multidisciplinary teams

Foster RADICAL COLLABORATION between participants and industry

And use prototyping to discover new solutions

Who they are?
Genovasi opened its doors on the 4th of February 2013 and aims to promote an innovation culture through its education and training programmes. Genovasi is the only Design Thinking school in Malaysia and the leading regional partner for the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) School of Design Thinking at Potsdam University, Germany. 

HPI School of Design Thinking is a sister institute of the at Stanford University, USA. Genovasi offers the Design Thinking Programme through the Innovation Ambassador Development Programme and the Executive Education workshop. 

Held for the first time in Asia, Genovasi also runs the RSA Genovasi Malaysia Awards, a student design competition open to university students in collaboration with the RSA. - See more at:

I visited Genovasi and join their first level of design thinking course. From here, I am able to learn more and through this journey I can share with you what I've learned that day.

What I love about is their cheerful workplace & the interior colours scheme definitely motivates yourself during the learning. The furniture in the interior aren't complex but it is basic shape with basic colours. You will be amazed as the comfortable space can maximise your ideation process.

 Why do we need a typical workplace and learning classroom while we can have a spacious,simple and modern designed space.

With the warn and calm waiting lounge, you can relax at the lounge with a cup of coffee while listening to your headphones or reading books. Be creative and think simple, sometimes we tend to think everything too complicated just because we are just too stress with our works right? Remember how we wanted to be a big heart person with big ambition? Now, as we get older we do not pull ourselves back and remember to keep learning because knowledge is the the only thing we need and love to discover from time to time!

Let's get this started with going up to the first level where they will be leading you to the classrooms. 

 We were first briefed with the development of Genovasi and as well as History. Many companies had joined Genovasi from what I've known.
 They even have an indoor sport arena to build teamworks, YES it will be part of your training too rather than sitting in the classrooms and just looking at a plain whiteboard.

 I got my Mini Design Project after they had done introducing the basic design thinking facts.
In this project, we must solve a problem with creating a solution to it. Sound simple? This project is to make us practice the basic understanding by creating a new innovation to avoid time and materials wastage. 

In this experiment: 
A man who has difficulty in writing and drawing or even holding a pen properly because he is suffering from his finger joints problems. 

Therefore, in the photos above, we are asked to wrapped our finger join with masking tapes to feel the difficulty, so we can understand the situation without assuming how does it feels like.

From there, we need to list out when we are trying to write what are the difficulty that is stopping us from writing. To be honest, most of us feel almost the same difficulty but then when we start to discuss about the next session which is we need to list down what can we do to help this man. From here, there are many ideas are listed out and from the ideas we require to build a simple and quick prototype as a solution to the matters and try out the ideas.

 These are the raw materials were given to us to create the quick solution from our ideas.

I've did something very simple because all I wanted is to BACK TO BASIC and build the man's confident!
With a pen that has softness at the grip will ease the man's strength during his practices because as days passes by his grip will be better therefore he can save himself from buying many pens at different sizes. Then, I will have two exercises which is very simple, STEP 1 a basic house shape with dots that are far apart so he is still able to draw curvy lines to join the dots because his practices requires time. For STEP 2, the dots are closely so he can draw the line straights.

Well this is just one of my ideas, there are many ideas can help him

 Daniel is trying out the experiment with my creation, LOL. It is successful btw haha.
LOOK AT THESE, we were just given 10 minutes and so many solutions can help the man.

I think Genovasi has just make my thinking easier in solving a problems before creating a new ideas because you will not spend lots of time and money on creating one innovation but you never know whether it is going to be successful or not.

Visit Genovasi which is located at Genovasi, Lot 2A, Jalan 13/2, Section 13,46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Official Facebook Page:

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