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My Pageant Ready @ Appearances One Stop Boutique Spa, Kota Damansara

If you're wondering why I wrote Pageant Ready is because I've just joined Miss Global International Malaysia 2014 and I'm one of the finalist, till then I will soon blog about my journey of the pageant to share with you all but in this specific blog post I want to specially thanks to Appearances One Stop Boutique Spa for making my beautiful before my pageant beauty camp in August. Also, thanks to my friend Stephanie Liah who introduce this beautiful and comfortable boutique spa to me.

It is located at Kota Damansara, for the hectic place whereby hardly to get parking spot, I advise to make appointment beforehand so the staff would reserve a spot. Till then, it is not that hard to spot the spa because it consists of 2 or 3 floor if I am wrong. It is like a MALL full with beauty and grooming services, it save our time and cost too to find many services at one place.

 What are the services there that attracts me and I've tried personally which are Manicure, Pedicure, Facial Treatment, Slimming Treatment, Spa with Massage and Jacuzzi and Korean Eyelash Extension. There are many more services including eyebrow embroidery, bust treatment, hair removal, waxing, hairdressing and make up. 
 Appearances One-Stop Boutique Spa consists of five spa treatment rooms; a sauna room; a jacuzzi room; seven facial and body treatment rooms, one of which is a VIP room; pedicure and manicure work stations; a hair salon; and a lounge area equipped with a TV. Here, customers can take a rest, mingle with one another or watch TV programmes. The interior of the space is modern as it only consists black, red and white in colour tone and not much of the patterns on the furniture and walls.

Below are the photos I've taken during my treatment in the boutique spa. 
 Firstly, I go for the manicure and pedicure and you will get to choose your favorite colour then they clean your hand and leg with scrub before applying the nail polish and cleaning your nails.
 This is their hair saloon whereby you need to make an appointment with them before doing any hair treatment and cut. Imagine you need to go for an night event, you can book few hours before your event and get prepared at Appearances!

 Mint Scrub, feeling cool during they wrapped my leg and my skin is smooth and brightened as well.

Get my manicure done in Baby Blue colour by OPI

 I prefer Glitters or Metallic base colour for my pedicure as they last longer
  Then, I was given 2-hour relaxing facial treatment. Exfoliate and cleans my face throughly then I've ask recommendation for my combination skin.
 Comes to the exciting part is Korean Eyelash Extension, say bye bye to FALSE EYELASH for a month if you take care well of them. They look super natural and just be slightly careful during makeup removal. Great news is that FIRST TIMER is only at RM99!
 Look at the lovely and natural eyelash!! * wink wink *

 Come to relaxing body massage where they will use the suitable oil for your skin or any minor headache for refreshing and relaxing. When you feel so calm and relax in the massage room accompany by Balinese music.

 I love to play with the bubbles during jacuzzi, don't mind me! HAHA the temperature of the water makes your body feel so warm and relaxed from hectic working days. Not your usual bathub shower feels hehe!

Slimming treatment, it is my first time trying and I asked them which part of my fats should removed. They gave me this special treatment wrapped up into the silver bed like in air space and you feel super warm inside sweat all your toxins.

Why customer choose Appearances?
This is because they are quipped with knowledgeable and skilful staff members with an average of ten years of experience in the beauty/grooming industry, they’ll provide personal attention for customers who want to be pampered from head to toe, aided by the use of top-notch beauty products “Ophelia” which are formulated in Switzerland – all available at Appearances. 

Appearances One-Stop Boutique Spa is also the first outlet in the Klang Valley that’s equipped with the inimitable DTM slimming machine. Imported from the UK, it’s able to perform a combination of four unique slimming techniques: Deep endotherapy, cyclone therapy, red chromotherapy and DTM Wave.

You can also look forward to the Cell Perfect V-Lifting Treatment Machine, which performs a non-painful and non-invasive facial treatment that penetrates active ingredients into skin’s deeper layers, resulting in effective and fast results. 

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5 Jalan Pju 5/3, Dataran Sunway,Damansara, Malaysia

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