Wednesday, August 20

Worthy Book - Ladies Edition 2014/2015

Worthy Book

Girls VS Shopping
I need to admit that I am sort of a FULLTIME shopaholic * cough * I guess most of you are but I am the kind of girls go for deals and quality, true not? We tend to spend on the things we love but at times we doesn't use them, I am the kind of girl that will be like " OMG this is my favorite color & it is on 50% off!!!!! " * your mind is making a simple fact that is JUST BUY LAH! In order to prevent myself from getting the stuff, my boyfriend will be the influencer. He will just say one sentence to me, " Don't buy because it is just ON SALE " Alright great, then I save a little from there but anyhow girls will be always being a GIRL. 

I love going to bookstores to look at the magazines and lately the booklet that caught my eye is the Worthy Book. It caught my eye because from the front page already featuring the shopping graphics and also the sentence SAVE UP TO RM11,000 & more than 120 vouchers. The booklet only cost RM25 and I almost done using the vouchers in the booklet with my friends & family, comes to wellness, beauty, fashion and many more! You need these vouchers to pamper yourself with AFFORDABLE PRICES & most of the vouchers are written FREE! Can you believe it? Free manicure, pedicure, facial treatment and others?

You create your OWN SALE SEASON, GIRLS!
I'm having the Worthy Book- Ladies Edition.

I get free membership from boutiques without any purchases, I get to use the vouchers for my friend's surprise birthday gift! Definitely worth it (:

They have the F&B Edition too, oppsssss FREE SUBWAY BABES? Healthy meals for everyday!

Worthy Book- Ladies Edition is the bestseller at myNEWS

Spotted WB at myNEWS

HIGHLIGHTS in MPH Bookstores - Spotted in Subang Parade


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