Tuesday, January 13

LUXELAB 拋光奇蹟水 from Hong Kong

I knew about LUXELAB from my friend Carrie who is a beauty and fashion blogger from www.carriebloomwood.com/ She is from Hong Kong and I want to congratulate her on her new beauty skincare product launch which is called LUXELAB.

She introduce me to this product from LUXELAB which is radiance polishing lotion Spotlight 拋光奇蹟水

This is my very first time with spray on toner which is I think more hygiene than using own palm and pat on our face. I also love the packaging and the product design ;)
It is a easy spray on to our face after cleansing, amazing that it absorb so quickly and you don't feel stickiness after spray on to my face. 

How to use:

It is pretty simple, spray on your face and neck area 2-3 times then slowly pat after cleansing your face. It acts as toner.

Benefits of this spray is that it tighten your pores, reduce UV damage, moisture our facial skin layer and prevent wrinkles.

I've been using this product for a month everyday and night right after cleansing my face and it does reduce wrinkles on my eye's area and at the same time it does reduce my blackhead!


Billy Toh said...

You look great! I'm sure you have a good discipline in maintaining your facial skin. This product is for your daily usage or you're just trying it out??

Audrey said...

Hello! Thank you :) I used this as a daily toner every morning!