Sunday, December 6

FALL: Denim over dress

Denim oversized kinda outfit is quite popular when during my college and high school days, the season for denim will never goes off I mean everyone loves how denim blue can match with our outfit styles. 

I usually have up hairdo whenever I am with my collar tops to to avoids having the short neck look. Get buttoned all the way up and my tied up ponytail with a elastic bandana headbands as I dislike the baby hairs falling off after tied.

I love how these combination to get my weekdays outfit to be with a laced up boots. Of course, I prefer high boots in this ways and as the denim is fade off blue, matching footwear has to be soft colors.

It is an oversized denim dress instead a batwing type of denim top. Perfect for Malaysia's weather and put on a shade to look gorgeous! 

Lorena Buttoned Shirt Dress is available at Dreamscape 


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