Friday, December 25

Ripping it RIGHT!

Dear ending of December, lets look forward for the big bang of 2016. With this hot and sunny weather but with the sudden heavy rain kinda season in Malaysia had so called "train" us what is comfy for daily wears.

Lately, I've been getting Ripped Jeans whether it is loose or the skinny jeans type. I am a person who love to wear crop top and shorts for daily but I'm now in love with loose ripped jogger pants. They are soft jeans material and elastic at waist and that's when it call jogger pants instead of jeans pants.

Some own tips here are that I always bring an thin oversized outerwear or scarf and with this loose jogger, I would wear slightly heel footwear instead of flats. 






Let's #WeWearDream together with DREAMSCAPE ( you won't be disappointed with their style & comfy outfits )

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