Thursday, February 25

Red hearts

bussy bussy busyyyyy
as a college's girl patut memang ada banyak assignments and TEST =/
sighs,nevermind still can enjoy guaaa.
I knew im later for all these post,
i'm already S I C K .
am having bad flu,with the bengkak eye D= PLUS with the stupid weather
Sun shines brightly when it's raining =.=
Well,my "son" Randy Oh Mun Hong had a cny open house with the theme of RED where as i worn Green :)
Alot friends couldn't attend because busy and etcc..
Guess this post is a Photo album post, started with Clear Pictures From Husaini's Dslr
Guessing that the guys already high for no reason .
Without fake eyelash =( not dramatic lor.

Justin , Angel and me
Alright,i knew my face looks abit @.@ here haha.
Well,at least we jumped ;D
reached early,makan first lor and im playing with my old hp sighs.
poor thing me.
for you people had already married,dont be so kedekut kayy? cny gonna ends WTF !!
kiss kiss kiisssss
Celeste Tioh ♥
Tiru ♥
Amelia ♥
Randy ♥
You want?
Tigers ROAR ♥
Wookayyy i almost kena blockeddd
Then,everyone MUST be involved in this crazy Truth or Dare. Have to finish the oranges in 2 mins.
Have to finish that watermelons in 4 mins i guess,pity you Yong En
End up,he got backups HAHA
I have to EAT 5 pcs of Kuih Bahulu in One Minute,but i ate 1 only in that period
kena punished.
So Drink WHOLE can of 100 Plus in 2 mins
Burrpsssssssssss !
Tiru with his chicks.
Sarah with her meehon.
Justin with with coffee powdereeling with the ferrero rocher. not FAIR !
The last one kena DRINK RAW EGG.
Mr chiew kenaa. Muahahah,say me drive like kayu somemore !
Last week,as i said watched 2 movies right? Here's the picha.
Then,secondary school's friends came to my house and visit me =D
Changsing ( bbchai ) and Wailuen
Moi ♥♥
miss you everyday and everymoments,
hoping that you do knew this.
No matter what happens =( ♥

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