Tuesday, February 16

15th february | 2nd day of Cny

I think everyone must be VERY THE BUSY ,
visit relatives...
balik kampung...
etc etc..
Every year,on the 2nd day of chinese new year.Me and my family as in my mother side sure back to Pahang to visit and makan makan.Well,you can see all the pics is very different from the previous post . WHY? because i didint make up lor =D and sleepy plus tired face.Nahh,whatever.
But then,now the road is so silent and quiet because there's really "no car" on the road and can see most of the shop lots is closed at the moment. Like the world "end" lmaooo . =P
Never seen puisan before?There she is.
with puiyee.
We are gonna meet up at my grandma's house first before trip to Pahang.
Terima ang pow must be the thing you "have to do"
Alright,this is my cheeky cousin.
She's very playful and hyperactive. Is like another puisee to me~
Another cousin,actually i have alot but seldom see them.

One of my uncle.
Then, 3 hours plus sitting in the car and napping like a pig all the way to Pahang,i even watched movie in the car already to get rid of the boredom. Once a year balik here,sure lah capture pics kao kao.
Well, the traditional simple custom or way or i don't know what for praying.
I think they had re-paint the house to look more modern,compare to previous year like woody dull dull,dark dark,dusty and bla bla bla you know la.
They had a lot of space to grow the veges and colourful plants .
No added "msg" haha like what we ate nowadays,almost everyday is
fast food means fat means fast die. No wonder those uncles and aunties could live so long till hundereds =O
Non - halal .
but is delicious =D
and prettylicious babe.
They don't need a helmet around that area,no policeman.
No law.
No saman lorr.
* ps : that was my idea only,don't take it seriously LOL.
Goshh,so little ang pow.
Anyone please invite me to your house and grab ang pow =D
This is her brother named Nicholas.
Kami suka pada kamera.
My uncle's cute little camera.
Will upload the pics from that camera that i had camwhored with
perhaps tomorrow?because their contrast really high
I don't know these was captured till i transfering the pictures into the com.
the chef.
He is so so so effin CUTE i tell you,
He smile only when u smiled.
He keeps the ang pow into his little own pinafore.
Say hi little cute monster.
*Gonna watch Avatar 3D again tomorrow,i had watched so many times already tak cukup and the 72 tenants .
*Not angpow day but movies movies movies.

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