Thursday, February 11

am i gonna make it better?

Time for REST and RELAX because it's
HOLIDAYS starting from now on =)
; my assignments done
; i had taken my pengajian malaysia test

Valentines in like few more days???
Do you have any plan for me?
I guess most of the couples couldn't and hardly celebrate it because of going back to hometown.

Anytime and EVERYTIME is Valentines DAY !I've never gone through the real moment of Valentine's Day.
Wondering how would it be.
I did not sleep for 2 days because of assignment,
but at the same time i couldn't sleep too.
When i get into the class these few days,
Almost most of the people are Zombie because Sleepy even myself half dead.
Caught minren sleeping behind .
Elaine the cute one.
Mun loong the lame and random one.
minren the funny one.
puiyan the hyper one.
Always be your baby.
Jonus and Wenyang so happy.
Christian the tall one.
He said he wanna buy a expensive necklace for his gf during valentines because he wanted to show off to me.
Shaun,the kind one.
cotton candy ice cream
You talk to me
You speak with me
Don't sink before you rise baby
Don't fade away
You hesitate
You seem to wait
For all the time we had
Feels like a world away
Who's to say, we'll be ok
We will make it through the night
Don't wanna wake up in this state
I just want us both to smile
Cause we're the same
And I know that we'll never change
Look I bought your favourite ice cream
I don't wanna see it melt away
If you walk out now
I don't know if we're gonna be the same
Baby just talk with me
Cause I want you to stay here with me
The memories
The things we did
I locked inside my heart
Where I know I won't forget

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