Wednesday, June 30

Poison Killing My Emotion.

Chances pause your motion.
They kill you slowly and step by step =)

Camwhore to the MAX! no f*ck to people who doesn't like it.Well,how much u stalked me or what so ever,don't waste your time honey.It doesn't worth to do so right? or i shouldn't stop you sweeties by doing so.
Im nice enough if you are polite .

Having exploration weeks,pictures with id students in Toa will be update next week,promise.Hardly to see me in the big group of picture.All you can see the most is our favourite lecturere,Eric Leong.He's having a few of useful workshops by this week.

with Alvin.
with Zq ( nice name right? )
kinda hang out at starbucks with elaine,loong and nj these days.
Just sit there for whole morning to evening,online ..assignments...drinks...
We call him YOU. lol
He's a funny guy,his hair used to be long like a girl...i'm like WOAHH!~
closer shots =P
it's been time i hadn't wear this geeky rayban spect *the fake one of course =p
drinking hot chocolate at most morning.
didn't make up for like weeks!!
My tools must be crying now =D hahas!
She came to my house and sleepover,
purple very de romantic...
greenn very fresh...
Tee-hee x)

no matter what,there's always ....
a chance.
be hopeful and thankful =)

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