Tuesday, June 15


Soft shelf crabmeat at Sushi Zanmai
College life is getting better already,not as boring it's used to be.
Somehow there's still other stupid $#@%&#@! matter.
i must put it at this way :)
Smile smile smile.
why people loves to push the blame to others.
don't you have any other things to do.
You know what's MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS ?!
Not only stress with assignments but ANNOYED with SOME PEOPLE AROUND ME!
Oppss,MY BAD ,i just terpaksa to be harsh on them.When we polite to them,they just do not know how to respect us and judge others by their own opinion.
You should know what is DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER.
Still don't get it?You go try and buy a book from the bookstore and do not see the content but based on the cover only STUPID.
get ur A$$ down on a chair and READ the whole thing which actually the story-line SUCK.
Miss my old hair..long and curly..
Maybe next month,
permanent curl AGAIN :) wweeeee.. but am not sure yet about to re-dye my hair colours.
Well ,depend :D
The new renovated Audrey Lingerie at Sunway Pyramid

*am getting done with my bedroom design project,stay tuned hun!

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