Saturday, June 12

Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened

Alot of QUESTION MARKS on my mind !
Bad things happened in my life.Left me scar.Sometimes we really do not know who's are the best,who's are lying,who's are telling the truth.They might harm you or tae advantage on you.
They just really need you badly.
I leave the Question Marks just like that.
College is just FUN :)
I don't understand WHY.
Everything is just too CONFUSING FOR ME.
I had became veyr lazy nowadays untill i seldom make up,hahas.
The PALE faces!
Mun Loong's car go TOWED :D
Elaine made me feel better nowadays =)
She make me smile,
and asked me to chill
and we SO - CALLED "Meditation" to get rid of irritating stuff.
You will have no idea what's the crap am i talking about.

Pale #1


My abang :)


So much tears,

So much EXCUSES.

I wish to step out from that boundaries.

Things must BE HARMONY.

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