Thursday, September 2

Reanne's Surprise Farewell Party

Her name is Reanne ,you can also call her as Sotong.
This is her vintage blog
she will be going oversea to continue her studies as an interior design.She is an awesome shopaholic too (:
She is a good dancer in latin,hope that she will continue her dances in oversea.She will not be coming back to Malaysia,but she promises us to come back once a awhile and visit us (: We are going to miss you badly :'(( Back to the title of the post.Her dad asked Max to invite all of us in facebook's private event to the Palace of Golden Horses nearby Mines to attend her surprise farewell party and also her upcoming birthday party because she will not be in Malaysia till then.She really has no idea of this plan by her dad.
Last Friday,we went to the place and she got touched and cried.We were so happy seeing her dad being so sweet to her.Her dad sang songs and learn Waltz to dance with her.Everything was planned nicely for her.
Me and Suzanne (:
Her dad was dancing Waltz with her.
Me and Shu Er.
Me and my partner,Onn Rei :)
Our Dance Sifu,William Lor
Tow Guan
Rachel Gan,she looks awesome on that day ;D love her dress!
Thomas Wan,he was Reanne's dance partner
Sylvia,Me,Hollie and Bryan
with Max
with Bryan
with Claudia ;D
with the Sotong :))
Max and Sylvia
Full with Sotongsss
Her lovely Sotong's CAKE!
Her daddy.
Happy Advance Birthday Girl.
Everyone was posing with the Sotongs and Fished on the cake~
With Danceworld
We will Miss You REANNE!
See you again in future.
Love ya

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