Monday, September 13

1st Ballare International Championship 2010

Finally,i am back with my long post :DD tee-hees.Last week i went to Singapore for 3 days 2 nights trip + latin competition.It was fun but tiring.I almost fall a sick because we were all like trapped in the Orchard Hotel for 24/7 waiting for the events and stuff.Well,it was my first time in taking part Beginner for Cha Cha Cha,Samba,Rumba and Jive.My partner is Onn Rei.Did my costume but the tailor did the wrong colour combination =.= I wanted the layered of Green and Yellow but they did campur both together.Urgh,but last minute i have no choice.So,we rent a car and Gary will be our driver :)

On friday evening,we start the journey at the studio and drive to Johor.We stayed at Grand Paragon.Then the next VERY THE EARLY MORNING go Singapore.Our competitions held at Orchard Hotel.

As you know the pictures will be loadss but i try my best to upload most it .And i did not arrange them because i am lazy and busy at the meantime for my assignments!
My blogshop is re-opening VERY SOON! :DDD
Gary the driver
5am at the kastam,yawnnnn.
I was really sleepy LOL!
Reached :D
In Uncle William's room,they stayed at there.Teacher Luisa is helping her gorgeous daughter Nisha on her corset costume.I love her costume very much.
In the night,we still at Singapore,we went Newton's foodcourt for dinner.
Nice food like Penang :)
Everyone was so HUNGRY!
Heavy and Thick Make ups is a MUST
MUST! it takes me like 10 mins to " COLOUR " the eyeliner
Congratulations :)
Stairways :P hahas!
Do re mi fa..
Dominic and Nisha
Groupp piccs!
Gary in the morning!
Me and Onn Rei was so excited! Because we won all champion,first time in Beginners ;) Next is Novice level,that's really takes efforts and experience to win.
Because alot professional dancers out there ont he dancefloor!
Checking the event list :D
Nisha just woke up :D
the excited face !~
bites whether it's real?
The next day,we had our breakfast at our hotel.
Okayy,i am with the spects LOL.
Just woke up,sure blur larhh XD
See You Again in next competitions!
Stay tuned for Penang Championship.

I am very happy because i gain experience by participating in dancing competitions.I failed loads time but i just need to practice more and more and more.Thank You for everyone who had supported me all the times.My family,My Boyfiie,My Studio and My friends

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