Sunday, September 26

Bye my son :'(

to my son ( Randy Oh Mun Hong ) :'(
He's my friend since Form 4 because that's the year he entered my highschool.He's a very BIMBO and Kinky friend.A fan of GAGA.He's funny and SMART,INTELLIGENT,BORN GENIUS.He score 11 A during SPM if i'm not mistaken.One thing is that he's not A NERD.We called him son or ohh-la-la.We always sing poker face in class like MA-MA-MA-MAHHH.

Sadly,he's going to Russia to further his studies.SIGHS! All of us miss him loads,the last time i see my son is like last week.He organise a farewell party =( yeah,he's BLONDE.He'll be always lending us a hand in studies.A very nice and kind friend.Thanks for being a very good friend to me :) I know you miss me your MOM!

Funny us :) Those happy memories being with your friend hehess.
We went concert together , shop together , so called study group and makan makan with a bunch of friends.

Here's the picture on the farewell :)
We are sad because our son is leaving :(
He's FAT :D
True friends are like diamonds, real and rare, false friends are like leaves, scattered every where.

Happy Mooncake Festival
*i know i'm late to wish*
reason?busy :P

* help! colour fonts are still not working :(

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