Wednesday, November 10

Semester 3 Realistic Mock Up

Finally, another post of semester break.How fast right? HAHA! Those assignments done lately not really like FML FML . It's cun ! We enjoyed the group work among the classmates.Well,as i promised to show our realistic mockup which using Contemporary Style.Means what?It's like a room having four walls.One feature wall are darkest or darker red then the other three are like pink then the objects in the room will be having red tone colour  until reaches white.This is not a good explanation just telling what we did for our project for so far.
It's me , my gf and cammie aka carmen.
The mighty four hahas! This isn't the whole group.Just part of us together.
 The mock up looks bigger than me alot and it's heavy LMAO!
The ground floor :) It's scale 1:50 according to the floor plan.
 With the roof :)
This is the living room. Sofas and everything done by Shaun.

Here's dry kitchen and dining room done by me and my gf.

 Beautiful view from the interior to the landscape.
 This mini corridor for rest and relax done by me tee-hees! :P 
This also done by me hahas! Lmao,i was bored and i love to deco deco deco nonstop.
 Basketball court by Cammie. Nice lehh.
 Main Gate and fencing are by Christian and Abang Loong.

Here's some snapshot of the whole mock up :D

That's squarish thingy is aquarium done by my gf.
 Staircase to the first floor.
The bedroom upstairs are done by Rachel , Lee Kee , Amanda , Yiek Cheng and Minren.

 Purple ish room.

 I did the refrigerator :P
 Wet Kitchen by me kekes. I love the sink and the cabinet.
The kinda retarded washing machine so far i did LOL

 Our Group.
The girls. 

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