Sunday, November 21

Have you watched Skyline and HP7 ?

Skyline Poster


I watched this movie last with my boy at The Garden.Skyline wasn't that popular as other movies but i watched the trailer in Youtube.A kinda very "gan jeong" movie.It's about some creatures or alien from outer space settle down on Earth and those creatures only has the shell with no brains.In order to obtain the brains to make those creatures alive.They takes all the human brains.Disgusting right?At first they settle down on the Earth with only few amount of those creatures and slowly takes the human brains to increase the number of the alien thingy.It started at the Los Angelas City.They will be giving out strange and beautiful blue lights ,which everyone will LOOK to the light,and the lights will just attract you makes you got no strength no more and suck you up to the giant UFO thingy.It's like the End of the world but the ending is not bad.
Not everyone is lucky enough to survive.
I would rate 6/10 for this. Just go get your tickets now and watch :)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Poster

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

I only followed the HP series until The Prisoner of Azkaban.LOL ,then i jumped few movies and goes for this.It's only Part 1.Watched with Dancing friends at Mid Valley last few days.Well,Wizard and uses of maigcs and weapons in HP as usual.They are all grown up since the first few movies.They are getting there and better i suppose so larh.This HP 7 Part 1 is kinda smooth because they were just telling the stories for the Part 2 so we wouldn't be
I do not know what to describe.Watch you if you do not hate HP movies.

Some pictures here and there during the day.

Teacher Luisa, me ,Shi Teng,Kathy,Nicol,Teacher Merle and the front cute girl is Nisha.

 I did not went to the Shout Award :(( because i went to Melacca with family for one day trip.SOBS! i've only managed to get 5TH in the Revive Dance Bash Competition.


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