Tuesday, November 16

Past Weekend.

Last Week,it was Uncle William's birthday.We tried to give him a surprise but failed.LOL! He eventually knew it already.Loads of dancers there because Penang Competition is very soon.Real Soon ! I am kinda stress..Sighs.
Insomnia later D= 
Back to the topic,there's two cakes ,Well Uncle William warn us not to play with the whipped cream if not he will "fan min" LOL.So,i decided to dirty Merle's face.Lucky me,she kena whole face .A big patch of cream but Uncle William kena in the end from us too.I was afraid because everyone has to have dirty face ,btw i ran to the washroom quickly :P
See ;)
Hahas,Once again Happy Birthday Uncle William and thanks for the guidance all the while throughout my dancing lesson :D
On last Friday,went to Times Square and Sg Wang with my dance mates,Kathy,ShiTeng and CingCing,and bii :) As usual,shopping never get tired.We even got ourselves hats.We will wear it to the Penang beach :)
with bii.
Cing,Kathy and ShiTeng at Delifrance.
On Saturday,it was Desmond and Seow Yuen's wedding dinner at Wellness Hotel,Mines.
Beautiful and romantic wedding they had :) 
Congratulations ! 
Wish both of you live happily together always :) and lovely.

with bii,
Camwhore as usual while in the car ;P
Peace by baby.
During her preparation before the dinner in the hotel room.Hair beautifully done by the hair stylist and the Natural Wedding Make Up required by her.
The very foundation step.

 Ice Carving Statue
 Look at her elegant red dress ,so lovely.
 Standby plus her NERVOUS.
She was asking us repeatedly,
"Nice ar?"
"Is my make up perfect?"
"How do i look like?"
We just answered,
"You look like a PRINCESS"
Expression 1 : The Geram 
 Expression 2 : The perfect Smile!

Once again,you look awesome dear :)

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