Tuesday, June 21

Happy Birthday Carmen ! ♥

 with baby at OldTown Kopitiam at Subang Avenue.

Back to the main topic ^^ , last thursday was Carmen's 20th birthday.Actually,me and Shaun planned to surprise her with some good idea but in the end PHAILED because everyone was too busy.Sorry babe but we did surprised her with another  " last minute " plan.LOL!
The actual plan was we were supposed to be like this...
and it continues....didn't prt sc the whole comments.Suppose that me and Shaun will be argueing and hate each other and stuff like that from the KL Sentral model then make something out to surprise Carmen on her big day..Nvm,we still celebrate =) tee-hees!

Her lovely card and Pucca from us (:
I printed this for the Buy 1 Set Nuggets and get 1 Set Free today =D
Stay Tuned for,
I'm going to participate in this bazaar (:
Do give supports  Details will be given in the next blog posts =)

‎2NE1 "I AM THE BEST" (내가제일잘나가)
2011.06.24 00:00 AM RELEASE
3 Days To Go!!!

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