Thursday, June 2


I wish i could blog more,it's been a week i didn't touch my blog.Sorry peeps.Assignments are HELL lots.
I have like site analysis,building skeletal tower,details drawings,marker rendering and autocad .
* exhausted all day *
 went to Vivo at Tropicana City Mall for dinner last week =)

I'm working on it,3D autocad =)
 Isonometric view
 Well,it has different colors appear because it's on Conceptual Visual Style =)
 This is known as Wireframe,which very obvious you can only see the frames.
And my site analysis is around KL Sentral.My group need to walk around the area and snap pics and get details,seriously boring and tired.

 It's hot out there peeps :P HAHAS!
and my love.

during dinner at Dao rae
 thank you baby boy for acc me everywhere =)
Love you muchh!! Tee-hee!

* continue doing my assignments! Stay tuned for next post ^^

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