Saturday, June 18

It's Father's Day! (:

Feeling so bad,bad bad bad..because one week i just left my blog died just like that.I will kinda busy because of my midterm and i have something to work on.Bear with me (: tee-hee! Btw still thanks to friends who still reading my blog , million thanks for the supports.Picture was taken during otw to Astro for some broadcasting interview.
Everyday,i'll be keeping my schedule full and lots of plans coming up.Can't wait for exploration week,which I have one week holiday.Sounds good,but i need to finish my midterm assignments first. Grrrr....
 Sometimes,i just go the Starbucks for brunch. Not much time for meal and i had gain weight .____. not good not good. TAK MAU haha! Chic-o cheese and Chicken Melt are my favorite , hot chocolate of course,too much frappucino not good for health (: I love to eat Go Nutz but only eaten at Subang Skypark Terminal BEFORE =( 
working on it with the KL Sentral (:
 Good News that,Manhanttan Fish Market has promotion on Lunch Break for students (:
 Ice Lemon Tea
 Fish & Chips 
 My rendering =) still working on it!
 Been chilling with zhiwei and jeck at nights to release stress and chat session to catch up stuff =P
 Ohana at Taylor's Lakeside , food there not bad (:
 At Library Midvalley,before watch Dylan Dog.X-men First Class were incredible! =D
 H ♥ bby ;
Celebrated Father's Day today (:

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