Friday, September 30

Beginning of October.

my girlfriends ♥ 
somebody who will be there for you when you're at the lowest.difficult moments full with tears and sorrow they'll still be there for you and go through the journey with you because they never leave you alone.
I've been through one week of depression ,  worst till, come along with my college assignments.
One assignment had done which is the business namecard,i couldnt have much ideas .So it's "cacat-ed" :(

My very first Digital Rendering (:

My last sem EDITED one,so UGLY haha! :P
Space is the company name,a very ordinary company name .
Make it most simplest.
 last min presentation board,didn't really knew what i'd written but hope the lecturer understand 

 us being together,spend times.She'll always be by my side when I'm down (:
She's will be there for me no matter what.
Thank you my dear ♥ 
We had girls talk in the middle of the night and watch dvd with our lappies.
Tears and laughter the most significant is the moment of sharing our secrets ^^
 besides,i've had dyed my hair AGAIN because the previous Chiffon Beige is too light and yellow,and also kinda damaged! :(
Color is brown too but a lil ash green :)))

I wish my hair to grow faster and longer :(

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