Tuesday, September 20

You're going to the Arthur's Day 2011 !

Congratulation winners!
You're Chosen.

Name ;
Hans Lee
Samantha Siew
Kitz Ngin
Ellis Chang
Bryan Low Jk
Lau Ga Ka
Thew Phang Yang
Denzie Cheah
Ong Zhi Wei
Limun Chew
Janice Tan
Lua Jing Jing
Lau Jing Yu
Leon Lee
Lennie Chong
Aaron Yo
Wei Hsiang
Jui Meng
Emily Hong
Jason Ryan
Michelle Chee
Syco Kuhen

Each of you are entitled ONE PAIR of Arhur's Day Tickets ;)
For those who didn't win the tickets,no worries.
VISIT  http://www.facebook.com/MYNJAYZ.BLOG to WIN last minute tickets ^^

See You There Partaaaaaaayy Chics !

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