Wednesday, September 7


Am having insomnia and couldn't sleep.Blog awhile and will go to the bed ^^
So addictive with Moocow Fro-yo from The Gardens ! Visited twice and still loving it muchiee 
They're having promotion that's only RM9.90 per cup with one free topping ;) additional topping only cost RM1 

 reward cards :D
cute designed ; tissue :P

                      First day of college
; jam and stuck at the tol * as usual *
; causes me late for the first lesson 
; a set of assignment * as expected .___. * 

; new pump flats 

; had Chocolate Banana Parfait with Elaine & Bryan at Sushi Zanmai
It tastes YUMMY and it's my first time tasting it because usually I ordered Goma Ice ;P It contains Chocolate ice-cream with banana,oreo ,cream and cornflakes * THUMB UP *

Camwhore with darlings,more to upload in the post :D heess..

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