Wednesday, February 1

PETRONAS Chinese New Year Photography Contest

Hello February! :) 

Do you remember about the previous blog post of Petronas Chinese Campaign Launch and I did mention about the photography contest,everyone is welcome to submit their own photos regardless using your phone camera or your digital camera .The most interesting part is that you can upload as many photos as you wished to , to participate in this contest .

Don't miss out the chance and share your Reimagining Energy™ Chinese New Year's photos

I've submit my entries and do share and support :)

All for One,One for All- Celebrate Chinese New Year with Sisters
The reason i choose this particular photo is because I have three younger sisters and we are always busy and hectic with our college,homeworks ,extra classes and outings.We hardly take photos together as memories as we grew up , sometimes we misunderstands each other but no matter what, one day we will still care for each other , nothing can replaced your own family :)

Official Facebook Page :
for more info and to submit your entries! 
The best part is, the winner's photos will be exhibited at GALERI PETRONAS!

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year :)

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