Sunday, February 19

This Hectic Feb !

Seriously , no sleep for this semester and this is one of the reason why am I blogging at this time right now at 8.00am before I'm heading to my class later, while most people are having their sweet dreams...and I'm really " dreaming " LOL
 New contact lens, Blincon Blue Sapphire ;)
 As i said before , I started to learn this the 3D max software and well there is so much to learn. This is what I've done for the starting of the assignment , everyone of us need to build yea build the Dell Keyboard .First in my head, omg how am I gonna finish this in a week , but as seen that..most keys are repeated so in my mind thinking , " Can try , can be try . "
 Tadahh, not really well done but when the keyboard shape was formed, I'm Happy and satisfied  :)

So, did you guys went to Calvin Harris's at Vertigo Club last week?
It was a boom ! Pretty peoples with good music played.
with Amanda Liu.
Aaron and Jason.
Opening act by Dj Goldfish & Blink
Jason Ong,Wei Lik,Jonathan Yip,Baby boy and Ryan Chin.
The crowd when C.H is up on the stage.
He played most of my favorite club songs.
;) Amazing night.

Last two days,me and baby boy went to shopping.We did window shopping quite often ;)

We decided to have out lunch at En Ginza Cafe, located at the Tokyo Street - Level 6 Pavillion .
Calm and Warm atmosphere in the interior.
Baby boy is waiting for the food, or temple running ?

Cappucino , best served in cold! :P
Seafood Pasta
Grilled Chicken , love the sauce..sweet (:
and the enormous , big Almond Mixed Fruits Macaron :)
It only costs RM12.90
Mixed with strawberry,raspberry and blueberry .
Looks yummy, it even taste better =P

btw,thank you baby boy for the Valentine's gift.
Cute not? The Minnie Mouse earrings from Swarovski 
love you my baby boy , xoxo .

song of the day,

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