Saturday, September 8

My Sweet 20 ♥

I'm a lil hyper because I just got my result . Phewww ! Safe and Happy :)
Next Week , New &; Last Semester !
This is s super late post from me , because my birthday was on July ^.^V
Well , I celebrated my birthday at M-Vintage located at Sunway Giza with a friend , Ryan Chin.
pic with love   

with the bloggers :)
thanks for coming ~
my gfs ; Christine and Amanda   

Ryan and Amanda 
with Aaron Huang .

Hans Lee and his friend came too :)

Jason Ryan , my old school mate ! Long time no see :) 
with the birthday boy , Ryan Chin !

Diana :) Pretty sis.
Birthday Boy and Birthday Girl 
Felicia , Ryan Chin , Me and Baby boy 

Make a wish !!!!!!

Cut Cake time ! weeeee~ Im officially 20 !!!

Thanks baby boy for getting me this lovely rose birthday cake!
It's so beautiful 
thank you baby :) I love you.

I had a great time during my birthday , thank you to all my friends that attended .
hugsnkisses !

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