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Sentuhan Kasih Ramadhan 2012

Group photo with the Senior General Manger of Group Corporate Affairs Division , Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah.

On 12 July 2012 , me with the other Advertlets bloggers head to Gombak to be the volunteer for this Sentuhan Kasih Ramadhan Project . The Sentuhan Kasih programme is a PETRONAS initiative to nuture and enhance the spirit of giving and volunteerism among it's employees. Sentuhan Kasih programme is organised annually by PETRONAS' employee to reach out to the less fortunate during Malaysia's main festive seasons including Hari Raya Aidil Fitri , Chinese New Year , Christmas , Deepavali , Gawau Dayak and Tadau Kaamatan . 

For this year 2012 , PETRONAS introduced a new initiative , Sentuhan Kasih Ramadhan , under the Sentuhan Kasih banner , it is aimed at reaching out to the less fortunate prior to the fasting month . Unlike previous Sentuhan Kasih where PETRONAS entertained underprivileged children at external venues , the Sentuhan Kasih Ramadhan provides PETRONAS employees with the opportunity to reach out and interact , communicate with a larger group of underprivileged community at their own surrounding .Therefore , today's programme at Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Kala , Gombak saw the participation of volunteers comprising 70 PETRONAS employees and 30 PETRONAS Facebook Page fans who joined hands with the villagers in a half-day gotong-royong activity .

In addition , some  150 villagers also went home with lucky draw prizes sponsored by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad and the Young Professional Club of PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd. Among the prizes are given away were bicycles , PETRONAS gift cards and admission passes to PETROSAINS at KLCC.

Apart from that day event , PETRONAS through it's subsidiaries and regional offices will also hold similar events with the less fortunate at several locations nationwide under the Sentuhan Kasih banner .

Among them are the distribution of Hari Raya goodies to 300 less fortunate children by PETRONAS East Coast Regional Office , its subsidiaries and joint venture partners and donation of gas cylinders and food hampers to 100 hardcore poor families by PETRONAS Sabah and Labuan Regional Office in collaboration with Sabah Chief Miniter's Department.

Meanwhile , the Sarawak Regional Office has lined up with Ramadhan activities and events with the communities in Bintulu , Kuching and Miri at the end of July and early August to be followed by Hari Raya gatherings in the State Capital and also Miri in September .

Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Kala is located at Batu 12 in Gombak , Selangor with a population of 3,500 villagers from 550 families . More than 90% of the villagers are underprivileged with an average household income of RM700 per month . Mostly doesn't have permanent jobs and make a living by working as contract cleaners , security guards or selling traditional handicraft.

A small number of the Orang Asli in this area still practives indigenous subsistence activities such as farming , hunting and fishing .

Some of the photos that were taken on that day itself :-
 The children are exploring some of the experiment showed by the volunteers .

 Bicycles were given out to the children .
Together with the villagers , the volunteers joined hands to refurbish the surau and the community hall , which are now equipped with new furniture contributed by PETRONAS , for use during the holy month . More over , we also went round cleaning and clearing up other common areas in the village including the main road , river banks and pathway to the villagers homes . Prior to that day gotong-royong PETRONAS had taken the initiative to repair number of bridges in the village as well as it's recreational and sports facilities .

The villagers preparing the food for lunch .
Apart from gotong - royong there were fun and interactive educational activites conducted by the outreach units of PETROSAINS , Galeri PETRONAS and Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS especially for the children in the village . The villagers also meanwhile took the opportunity to showcase their very unique traditional arts , cooking methods and herbal medicines for the benefit of their visitors.

The programme was given a special touch when the volunteers and the villagers combined their culinary skills to prepare lunch for the entire village , The ingredients for the feast were contributed by the Badan Kebajikan Islam PETRONAS and the Young Professionals Club of PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Me with the children while they are waiting for the games and activities to be started.
One of the game , the children are using the newspaper to stick to the balloons layer by layer.
with the bloggers before we start with the gotong - royong activities .
Hats and Gloves on ! 
Start gotong-royong !!

The picture gallery by Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia
I was taught how to do " anyaman " with the leaves . 
 Done ! Tee-hee , I was having fun learning to do it.

Do you know that Sentuhan Kasih programme were first launched in 2005 , the programme also aims to nurturing and enhancing the spirit of giving and volunteerism among PETRONAS' employees and affliates.
I enjoyed myself in the event , I learned alot too as well to help the villagers . I hope I will be participating in the upcoming events from Sentuhan Kasih by PETRONAS.

Here's the video was taken on that day.

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